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For those who are Death Vaxxed, the only hope left is to ... - From Rome

August 13, 2021 Editor 41 Comments by Br. Alexis Bugnolo There is no greater folly than to believe a liar, and no greater wisdom than to believe a truth-teller. But the greatest prudence of all is to believe a truth-teller who knows all or who has heard all truth from God.

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Editors Note: As one who was, for the crime of praying the Our Father in public, detained for 5.5 hours by 17 policemen in the Piazza of Santa Maria Maggiore, on May 1, 2021, the Communist Day, and then taken into custody by a half dozen Rome Police, I laud this effort of Catholics to protest with the Rosary the pardon of terrorists by ...

Br. Bugnolo: my monthly appeal for those who can | From Rome

Jan 27, 2021 by Br. Alexis Bugnolo I want to thank all who have and are supporting FromRome.Info, especially in this time of crisis, which has heavily impacted us all. For that reason I have not made any particular request and am very thankful for all those who have continued to support FromRome.Infos work nevertheless.

08 | August | 2021 | From Rome

Aug 8, 2021 Daily archive for August 8, 2021. The above shows a review of the protests, yesterday, August 7, 2021. The French are setting an example for humanity in their persistence.

08 | November | 2021 | From Rome

Nov 8, 2021 Daily archive for November 8, 2021. PHOTOS & VIDEOS BELOW BY A READER OF FROMROME.INFO WHO WAS PRESENT AT THE RALLY: And, The reason for their protest is described in this news article: Search

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Nov 19, 2021 1) Apostolates by Priests who have the care of souls (Pastors). These men have a Divine Mandate (munus) to teach, and if you find any doing it well, support these men first of all, since that is the will of Jesus Christ, and is scripture based (cf. St. Paul). In this regard, we should give priority to Cancelled Priests, who are being ...

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Apr 16, 2021 2021 will see censorship go to astronomical levels. I am convinced the Globalists are losing control of the narrative and that humanity is waking up to their lies and the lies of the Scamdemic. Thus, they will push to excess the levels of censorship this year.

About FromRome.Info | From Rome

Sep 7, 2013 FROM ROME is an electronic journal for Catholics who want to know what is really going on in the Church. We are the quintessential un-controlled journalistic Apostolate, with no ties to anyone in...

Br. Bugnolo: When the Flu season comes, the Chaos will begin - From Rome

Jun 18, 2021 The stark naked truth of human history in the next 2 years. Share it everywhere, and snap back into reality. CORRECTIONS: Br. Bugnolo mispoke in reference to the locusts mentioned in Apocalypse Chapter 9:2-10, whom St. John says have power to torment men for 5 months, not kill them. Not for 18 months, and not to kill 33% of them.

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Category archive page for Videos. In this third installment of a multi-part lecture, Br. Alexis Bugnolo, B. A. Cultural Anthropology, and translator of St. Bonaventures, On the Creation and Fall of Angels and Men (Commentaria in Secundum Librum Sententiarum Magistri Petri Lombari), presents a brief explanation of the different kinds of Creationism, and explains why this is important ...

FromRome.Info: An appeal for those who can | From Rome

Apr 23, 2020 Linda, I am supported 2 ways. I have benefactors who print my books for things like travel and my habit and medical expenses when and if. But those who make an offering through FromRome.Info pay for what is necessary for this apostolate, such a cellphone, equipment, and a residence at Rome, which all falls under business expenses, but is limited to this apostolate or any mission I do for Ordo ...

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Mar 20, 2021 But now for those of you who would like to donate $10 a month, regularly, you can set up a recurring $10 monthly subscription at Ordo Militaris Inc. in the USA, the funds of which will be donated to FromRome.Info, the apostolate of Br. Bugnolo

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Questo il canale italiano per FromRome.InfoSottoscriviti al nuovo canale personal di Fr Bugnolo qui:

Telegram Watch List on | From Rome

Sep 8, 2022 Telegram Watch List on Just a short note to warn the readers of FromRome.Info from sharing information on Telegram channels. One or more channels have been created to monitor the activities of FromRome.Info, Br. Bugnolo, AJ Baalman, Ordo Militaris Inc., with the purpose of orchestrating a campaign of defamation, calumny and libel.

Br. Bugnolo explains why he may soon stop publishing FromRome.Info

June 8, 2022 Editor 38 Comments. AnAppealOrFarewell. This video is for the loyal readers of FromRome.Info, who may be interested in the topic. In it, Br. Bugnolo explains, once again, the straights he finds himself in and how he has no one to help, but his readers at FromRome.Info.

FROMROME.INFO Blocked in Italy | From Rome

Nov 18, 2022 FromRome.Info is now unable to be accessed inside the territory of the Italian Republic from Italian carriers. It remains reachable only through foreign SIM Cards inserted into cellphones. This ban effected the IP of FromRome.Info, not other sites on the internet. And this while Whatsapp communications and Twitter access were still accessible.

FromRome.Info needs your help by June 28th | From Rome

May 15, 2023 FromRome.Info needs your help by June 28th. May 15, 2023 Editor 9 Comments. by Br. Alexis Bugnolo. Since January of 2020, FromRome.Info has brought you the news and commentary which saved hundreds of thousands of our readers from being mislead into the greatest death-plot of mass murder in human history.

FromRome.Info Update Why there will not be many reports in the...

Sep 28, 2023 FromRome.Info Update Why there will not be many reports in the next week or so. As you can see from the above photo, taken this morning, I have begun in earnest to pack my things. I have to clear out by Sunday from the residence from which I have bought you the news of the NWO, Agenda 2030 and the Scamdemic during the last two years. I ...

08 | October | 2021 | From Rome

Oct 8, 2021 All the adherents of the False Church join together against the Sutri Initiative November 13, 2023; Why both Strickland and Pope Francis are in the wrong (Video) November 13, 2023; Coverage of Bishop Strickland case explodes across the World November 13, 2023; USA: Biden Surgeon General conspired with FaceBook to censor Scamdemic Critics ...

Over 11000 Medical Professionals sign Rome Declaration against...

Oct 8, 2021 Over 11000 Medical Professionals sign Rome Declaration against Scamdemic. Up over 11 thousand Physicians and Medical Professions now willing to risk their ability to practice medicine by signing the declaration. UPDATE: as of 9:30am ET on 10/7 over 11,100 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration.

WARNING to readers of FromRome.INFO | From Rome

November 22, 2021 Editor 5 Comments. by Br. Alexis Bugnolo. Dear readers, I wish to bring to your attention that someone in Belize is spoofing FromRome.Info in an apparent attempt to redirect your traffic and financial contributions from this site to their site. Their site is called FROM ROME . NEWS.

The NWO Gestapo which are coming to your country soon - From Rome

Aug 21, 2021 FromRome.Info is now 100% vindicated for its scamdemic coverage November 1, 2023 HOLY LAND: Israeli Defense force rains down bombs on Holy Family Catholic Parish November 1, 2023 Why Christians ware not investing in their own Military Bases wont have a future November 1, 2023

Notice to Readers of FromRome.Info regarding AI Bots and Commenting

November 6, 2023 Editor 12 Comments. Going forward, FromRome.Info will no longer accept or publish comments from new commentators, due to the high number of AI bots which have begun to attempt to simulate human commenting here at FromRome.Info.

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